Where Are You Located?

We have two office locations: 45 Castro Street, Suite 437 in San Francisco (CPMC Davies Campus) and 345 Lorton Avenue, Suite 102 in Burlingame. Our office staff will confirm the location of your appointment upon scheduling your visit with us.

What Should I bring to my appointment?

To each visit please bring your insurance card(s) and co-payment (if applicable). Also, please bring any MRI’s and scans you may have so that the doctor can review them during your visit.

Do I Have to Pay Before Seeing the Doctor?

It depends on your insurance coverage. If you are an insured patient and have a co-payment for services, you will need to pay your co-payment at check-in. If you are uninsured or if you’re coming to us as a self-pay patient, we ask that you pay at the time of your service. If you have an outstanding balance, you may be contacted and asked to pay before receiving any additional services.

When do I pay a co-pay?

If your insurance card(s) indicates that a co-pay is required, you will be asked to pay it at the time of check-in. New patient visits and follow-up visits generally require a co-pay, depending on your insurance plan. Please note, if you are coming to see us during your post-op period (the first 90 days after surgery), a co-pay is not required.

Is my visit, test, or procedure covered by insurance?

Your insurance company may or may not cover services provided by Pacific Neurosurgery. Please contact your insurance company with benefit-specific questions and to see if your specific insurance plan is accepted at Pacific Neurosurgery, California Pacific Medical Center, Mills-Peninsula Medical Center and/or Presidio Surgery Center.

Can I get an estimate for my service?

We will provide a good faith estimate of the cost for future services at Pacific Neurosurgery. Please call the Pacific Neurosurgery business office for this estimate at 650-393-4781.

Can I even be seen if I don't have insurance?

Yes, but you will be seen as a self-pay patient. Self-pay patient’s are provided a discounted rate.

What is my deductible?

A deductible is the amount of a claim each policy holder agrees to pay annually for medical care. For more information regrading your specific deductible, contact your insurance provider.

Finances are tight and I am having a hard time paying my bill. Does Pacific Neurosurgery offer a payment plan??

If you have trouble paying your bill, payment plans are available. Please contact our billing office at 650-393-4781 for more information.

Can someone explain my bill?

Please call our billing office at 650-393-4781.

Why did I get another bill when I've just paid my balance?

If you paid your balance in the last 10 days, please allow more time for us to post the payment to your account. If the balance still shows on your next statement, please contact our billing office at 650-393-4781.

Can I get an itemized bill?

Yes, you can get an itemized bill. To do so please contact our billing office at 650-393-4781.

Who do I contact with billing questions?

Should you have any billing questions please contact our billing office at 650-393-4781.